Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's The Little Things: Bonfires and S'mores

The weather this weekend couldn't have been better. It was the perfect balance of cool but not to cool.
It was finally ideal, perfect fall weather.

The girls had been outside playing in the yard for hours and it was the perfect night to finally get out the fire pit. The girls and I got busy loading up the wood and then we started it with our "secret weapon" Lucky you I am going to let the secret out. A couple years ago my friend Sarah showed me the easiest way to start a fire. It's quick, easy, works every time and doesn't' stink.

There you have it. Simply twist a paper towel, dip one end in the vegetable oil and light the other end on fire.

Like I said, it works every time.

Sunset, fire and my girls. It really doesn't get much better than this. 

They oh so patiently waited for the fire to get going so we could make s'mores. 
What would be the point of having a fire if we didn't have s'mores. 

Well, I say patiently. Emily kept licking her piece of chocolate. 

Finally we were able to toast the marshmallows. 

After s'mores and some trampoline jumping in the dark we headed in for baths and bed time. 

I would spend every evening like this if we could. I love being outside around the fire as a family.

This was the perfect start to our weekend.

What would be your perfect fall evening with the family?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Bucket List: Maple Leaf Festival

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Carthage for the 48th Annual Maple Leaf Festival. Maple Leaf is a HUGE tradition in this neck of the woods and embarrassingly enough I have never been to the Maple Leaf Parade. The local channels always air it on T.V. so I have never felt the need to freeze.... until this year. 

Carthage is small town about 30 minutes north that is know for it's beautiful old homes and amazing fall colors. Sadly the leaves weren't impressive this year. I was really hoping to get some great fall color pictures.

It was about 43 degrees that morning so we bundled up and walked to the parade route.

After we finally found a seat, we settled in and waited. 

So funny seeing her looking like an eskimo in October. But it was cold and I'm just glad to get one more years for her to wear this ridiculously cute vest.  

Even Mom and Dad were bundled up. Actually I was the only one that was complaining about how cold I was. I am always cold. 

Marissa found this leaf and insisted that we bring it home with us. 

The next 1.5 hours were spent watching bands, floats, picking up candy and repeatedly asking if they could eat the candy.

Oh and snuggling with daddy. 

Next year I think we might just stay home and watch it on T.V. like usual but it was fun to spend the morning together. I seldom regret doing things like this as a family.

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Fall Festival, check!

Have you attended a fall festival this year?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hot Rod Reunion 2014

Hello Monday!

I hope your weekend was as eventful and exciting as ours was. Or maybe you got in some relaxing and that was just what you needed, sometimes those are the best.

We crossed things off of our bucket list, made a Halloween costume, enjoyed family time and I got my 11 mile sunrise run in. All of this while enjoying perfect fall weather. 

Monday feels extra Monday'ish after a great weekend.
Let's talk about our Sunday.

After my early morning (5:45) 11 mile run to Kansas I headed home where I wanted to collapse on the floor. Instead I somehow managed to fix breakfast, take a MUCH needed shower and get things packed up for the 15th Annual American Hot Rod Reunion.

Oh the drag strip, I love the drag strip. We are a car loving family through and through. It makes me so happy that our girls were so excited to be out there. 

Although, Emily was slightly less than thrilled about how loud it was. 

But after Steve gave her some ear plugs she decided she was "so happy" those were her words. "Mommy, I'm so happy". Funny side note she is wearing her jacket upside down here. 

We watched the races.

Got up close for a better look.

Inhaled some serious fumes.

And suffered hearing partial hearing loss.

Okay so maybe I am exaggerating the facts a little bit. It really wasn't all that bad.

I love watching our girl around the cars. They enjoy looking at them and hanging out with dad. We refer to these kind pow wows as drag strip 101 lessons.

They even found a pink car. They were fans even though "it's not an original, just fiberglass". Such smart girls they are. 

Lunch on the bleachers.

More cars. 

And after about 4 hours we were ready to head home.

That was a great day! I can't wait to take them back soon.

How did you spend your Sunday?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites 10.17.14

The arrival of this Friday feels extra exciting. I am not sure if it is the weather or the exciting fall fun we have planned. It could be having my last long run planned before my half marathon in just over TWO weeks *ACK*!

I don't know exactly what it is but I am all smiles today. Maybe it will motivate me to finally tackle get Marissa's Halloween costume made. I have been a bit of a procrastinator this year. 

Enough rambling here are this weeks 5!

{ONE} Fall Weather, Oh Glorious Fall

After 4 days of rain I was in need of some sunshine, a bit depressed and kind of angry that our fall fun was rained out. We made the best of the situation and did some fun things at home but it just wasn't the same.

But look!

This weekend has some serious potential. I plan to mark a few several things off the bucket list . I hope the girls can keep up!

I am in love guys. Seriously, head over hills.

They look amazing, they stay in place and the price is unbeatable. I ordered 4, got one free and that made them $4.60 each, including shipping. Speaking of shipping, my order shipped in less than 12 hours and was on my door step in a matter of days. 

Check out all of these options and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Plus they are versatile style wise to.

Wear them wide, best when running.

Fold them in half to make them narrow.

Or if this look is up your alley you can sport them this way.

I wish this plug was sponsored, but it isn't. I just LOVE this product and wanted to pass it along.

{THREE} Button Swapping 

I spent some time working on my blog last week. I added a "Contact Me" page  as well as a sponsor tab. I still consider myself a "newby blogger" I have just now been on this crazy blogging adventure for a little over 6 months. Where it is encouraging to see how far I have came, I know I still have a lot to learn and I am a long way from where I would like to be. 

For now I know that I am not ready for actual sponsors but I would love to do some button swapping. I put some ideas of what this may look like on my "Sponsor Tab" If you are interested send me a message and we can see if were a good fit for each other and work out the details!

{FOUR} Truth

So I saw this on Pinterest last week, cracked up, showed the husband and moved on. Then it turned into one of those random pins that EVERYONE seem to be re-pinning. So I thought that maybe it was worth a share. 

Hope you laughed as much as we did.

{FIVE} Bzz Agent

Yesterday I received my first Bzz Agent campaign box.

I posted this picture to Instagram, and was asked by a few people what Bzz Agent was. WHAT?! Okay, truth be told I had never heard of them 6 weeks ago. It is a company that looks for people to promote other companies products via social media to put it simply. When I first signed up I had about 75 short surveys to take which now is down to about 1/2 a week. You should check them out and see what kind of fun products they match you up with. I can't wait to share more about these chips when I do something awesome with them.

P.S. This really is just me sharing the blogger perk love, I don't receive a thing by you signing up :). 

Happy Friday!

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I hope your mid October weekend is a fabulous one.

See you on Monday. 

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