Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monthly Goals {October 2015}

A new month means new goals.

September is over and that leaves me sitting here singing some Green Day. I always get this song in my head come early October. If that doesn't put a a 30 something age stamp on me I don't know what will . 

September was a great month and that flew by fast! I have a feeling October may pass by just as quickly with all of the fall fun so I better get busy on my goals. But first let's take a look at how I did last month.

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Re-do images for a few of my fall posts
*Participate in a new link-up

Done! I kept my posts on track, created new images for my pallet pumpkin post and joined up with a new linkups, Hour By Hour. This link-up was a lot of fun and kept me clicking photos all weekend long. 

*Family donut date
*Family trip to the Frisco Trails
*Attend a festival
*Attend a car show or cruise night

We didn't do so great here this month. I was so sure we would make it to at least one car show, but we didn't! The Frisco trail never happened either.

We did make it to the balloon festival though and we picked up donuts one Saturday and had a feast!

*Exercise at least 5 days a week
*Begin and complete Stage 4 of the new rules program 
*Keep a written food journal
*Do a 5 mile run once a week

Done, done, done, FAIL!

I can not for the life of me keep a steady food journal. I did great for about two weeks and then just stopped. I guess I will try this again? Or just let it go. 

*Continue reading Women of the Word
*Resume Bible study meetings with Sarah
*Be real about where I am, pray more

I read a couple chapters and met with Sarah a coupe times to talk about them. We seem to be back on track. I also posted a couple of pretty honest posts this month about some things that God has been working on in my life. One about our church hunt the other about my exercise journey.

Home School-
*Stay on track with lesson plans
*Plan one field trip

As of right now we are actually one math lesson ahead of our lesson plans, shwoo! I am trying to stay caught up or even get ahead during the first semester. The second semester is always so much longer and harder

No field trips planned yet. Hey Anna, wanna take a field trip?!

*Girls night out
*Decorate for fall making one new piece
*Get some canning done
*Create and share a fall bucket list
*Implement a new meal planning system

It wasn't a night out but I did get in some shopping time with Sarah, I made a new simple fall decoration, canned my heart out, shared our fall bucket list and created a menu binder (it is lovely). Someday I may do a blog post about that one. 

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Participate in the Count Down To Halloween Link-up weekly
*Launch a new blog design by the end of the month
* Participate in a new link-up

*Family Bonfire
*Family trip to the Frisco Trails
*Attend a fall festival
*Attend a car show or cruise night
*Almost complete our fall bucket list

*Exercise at least 5 days a week
*Begin and complete Stage 5 of the new rules program 
*Try again to keep a written food journal
*Complete The Pumpkin Run

*Continue reading Women of the Word
*Try to make connections at a church we have decided to attend weekly
*Keep up weekly meetings with Sarah

Home School-
*Stay on track with lesson plans
*Plan one field trip
*Plan a fun picnic lunch

*Fun photo shoot with Anna
*Decorate for Halloween
*Make Halloween costumes
*Stay on top of keeping the budget done, weekly!

October is packed full of fun with something planned almost every single weekend.... and it's already almost 1/4 of the way over!

I am so excited for all of the fall fun and family time over the next few weeks. October through December are my favorite months where I am constantly reminded over and over again through the littlest things that I am abundantly blessed.

What do you have planned for October?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Count Down to Halloween, Bucket List Check-In #1

Hello Monday!

Today kicks off week one of the "official" Countdown to Halloween and we are so excited to join in the fun again this year. I hope to use these posts to keep you updated on our Halloween adventures and to share the details as we mark things off our Fall Bucket List

So far this is what we have done:

Visit a Corn Maze

This weekend we went out to Pathways Corn maze. Pathways has became an annual tradition for our family and this year was just as fun as the years before (you can check out last years trip here).

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Sunny 60 something degrees and a crisp fall breeze in the air.

They played in the hay maze.

We took a hayride. Of course we couldn't forget the obligatory family hayride selfie.

Taking a barrel train ride is always a favorite!

Selfie with my guy.

Plenty of photo ops

Lastly there was the corn maze. We keep waiting for the year the girls want to go through the whole entire thing instead of taking the early exit but once again we lucked out and only had to do about 1/5 of it. 

Have a Bonfire and S'mores

Friday night I bribed the girls #noshame. It was something like "if you help clean up the house and your rooms maybe we can make s'mores later". Little did they know I had already planned to make s'mores regardless. The weather was just to perfect not too.

This is how we do s'mores.

Once you use Nutella you just never want to use anything else ever again.

Sitting out there in the cold by the fire watching Russ chase the girls around the yard *sigh*.
My heart was overwhelmed with how very, very blessed we are. 

Pick Apples

Last Wednesday I dished up the details of the first time I took the girls apple/pear picking and how very "helpful" they were.

This was a new item on this years bucket list and it was so nice to load up on apple goodies for months to come for free. 

Attend a Fall Festival

I don't know if it was really a "fall festival" but it was a festival in the fall so I say the hot air balloon festival counts.

I already shared several photos but here are a few new ones!

We also had a spooky story time with our new friend Bones and worked on some crafts this week too.

As of October 5th this is where we are on our list, 4/15 done.

I know at least one thing is going to get crossed off that list tomorrow and hopefully we'll wrap up a few more so we have lots to share with you next week!

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Highlights 10.2.15

Happy October Friends!

October and fall are officially here and the weather has finally caught up as well. We have steady temperatures in the 40's during the morning this week and a lot ideal fall weather in sight, YES! If we could just press the pause button here til spring that would be great.
Anyone else?!

This weekend we have lots of fall fun planned. Sadly we had to post-pone our backyard camping adventure because it is going to be too cold overnight. Hopefully we'll squeeze that in soon.

Lets get started on this weeks Friday Highlights!

{ONE}  Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared.
A recap from last weekends adventures.

I interviewed "The Guy Behind The Blog".

Talked about the first time I took the girls apple picking.

And co-hosted the first ever Teaching Together link-up where I shared some simple & "spooky" read and learn activities

{TWO} Pictures!!!

Pictures are coming up THIS week. I couldn't be anymore excited than I am!
We really seem too only get family pictures done every two years... I should really fix that. 

This years photos are going to be done in a 1930's type setting.
Think something like this.

Okay maybe not that exactly :). But we decided to be true to ourselves and stick with who we are. The setting choice will be a gravel road, a field and there may or may not be an old car involved too. 

{THREE} Hair Cut

Speaking of pictures someone never had her back to school haircut!
Wednesday morning we went to trim her up so she is picture perfect.



We both LOVE the new hair!

{FOUR} Blog Design Colors

When I first started blogging I changed my design and changed it and changed it again. But things have looked the same around here for right at a year now and I am ready for something new

I debated and debated what colors would inspire the new design and I finally picked a palette

I will most likely tweak things a bit and add charcoal dark gray (best color ever) but I am pretty happy with these color choices. I found hex codes for almost every shade imaginable here and created my custom palette on Adobe Color CC.

How about you?
 Do you DIY your own blog design or leave it to the pros?

{FIVE} Girl Mom Series

This week Cathy from Three kids and a fish shared in my 'Girl Mom Series'

profile bio

Cathy wrote a beautiful post sharing things that she tells her girls now so they will know them later. 
She even quoted the great theologian, Aubrey Hepburn.

happy girls printable

They really are!

Friday Linkup Parties

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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Teaching Together Blog Hop {October 2015}

I have always been a "one post a day" kind of gal. But the first ever Teaching Together Blog Hop happened to land on a scheduled Girl Mom Series post.  I guess there is a first time for everything! When your done here make sure you hop on over to my other post and read about Cathy's Girl mom story

Teaching Together Blog Hop #1

We just announced this linkup/hop last week and your response and support was overwhelming.
Thank you!

I feel so lucky to be teamed up with such amazing and creative mama's to make this link up happen. We are all very excited to share, learn and see what others are up to.

With October officially here and Halloween just around the corner I wanted to share a few book/craft/activity ideas for a couple of our "spooky" favorites. The books are easy to find and the crafts are simple and require little preparation. Those are always our favorite kinds of activities especially when life is busy.

The first book is a long time favorite. We fell in love with this fun story while Marissa was attending Pre-K and it is still enjoyed to this day.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

One of our favorite ways to read this story is to make it an interactive activity. Years ago I printed off theses fantastic printables from Toddler Approved, Marissa colored them and I laminated them. We still use them every time we read the story.

A favorite of Emily's is this music video that turns the book into a song.
She just loves the catchy tune and making up her own actions. 

Then we played a simple roll a scarecrow dice game

If ever a book was an instant favorite this would be the one. I grabbed this book at the library last week and I am pretty sure it has been read at least 20 times since then. I should probably look into picking up a copy for the girls soon. I think it is going to be a Halloween favorite for years to come.

Skeleton Hiccups

The book inspired this random purchase at the Dollar Tree this week. The girls quickly named him Bones Hiccup Newman. Never would I have imagined them being so excited over a plastic skeleton.

Marissa LOVES reading this book to her sister and when she isn't reading it Emily is doing her best to recite it from memory.

A q-tip skeleton is the perfect post story time craft for this book. Super easy and simple with lots of room for creativity.
All you need is glue, q-tips, construction paper, scissors and a black marker.

I hope you loved our simple spooky read & play ideas.
Happy October Friends!

Work It MommyTickled Pink,

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