Monday, September 22, 2014

Things You Should Know About Me If Were Gonna Be BFF!

Happy Monday!

How about a friendly little Monday morning reminder.


Well it feels like I had a busy weekend full of a whole lot of nothing. Do you ever have those? I didn't go any where or do anything really but I some how managed to stay busy, as always.

Today I wanted to do a fun little random post. 
Here is a  list of things you should know about me if were gonna be BFF, best friends forever.

1. If it lives or swims in the water I won't eat it. Don't even try to convince me that it is "good" or tastes like chicken. I don't want to eat it and I never will.

 End of story.

2. I love to try on high heels. Being a tall gal at about 5'10" I rarely wear them and certainly don't buy them. But if you take me to Kohls to try on shoes, I will be your life long friend.

3. I can multi-task well. But when it comes to large projects I will get VERY focused on finishing and can kind of get tunnel vision until it's done.
4. I will put LOL or Bahaha in every text message I send you at least once. Sorry, I am a dork like that.

5. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, ALWAYS vanilla

6. I am a sucker for a good deal. $2 tank days at Old Navy were some of my favorite days of summer this year and when I go into a store my eyes automatically start scanning for clearance racks. Cheap? Maybe. But I prefer the term thrifty!

7. Clothes really aren't all that important to me. Sure I love a great outfit but I am far from trendy and stylish.

8. Talk to me for a second about running, something related to running, or even the lady that you saw running earlier that day and I may chat your ear off for an hour.

9. I don't need much sleep. I am 6.5/7.5 hours a night max kind of gal and I will never understand how people sleep for more than 8 hours in a row. I am not hating or judging I just don't get it and I am sure if you are one of "those people" the feeling is mutual
10. There are certain songs that I know will make me cry and sometimes I will turn one of them on ready to let the tears flow. Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me ALWAYS works. 

So there you have it. A few "very important" Beth facts that you need to know since were now officially best friends.

What do I need to know about you?

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Thoughts for Friday: 9.19.14

Finally Friday, once again!

This has been the first week that it has actually felt like fall. Sure we have had our days of warmer than I like temperatures but the morning have been amazing.

So with all things fall on the brain here are this weeks Friday Fall Five:

{ONE} Starbucks BOGO

So did anyone else see this?!

Buy any fall drink between 2-6 pm and get one free to share. (9/17-9/21 participating US stores).

Yes please! Starbucks will definitely be on the agenda this weekend.

{TWO} Fall Bucket List

The first official day of fall is coming soon! Tuesday September 23rd, that is LESS than a week away! I am going to be posting my fall bucket list that day, I made it WEEKS ago and have been eager to start on it. With all kinds of fun fall memories being made I am sure that will make for some exciting blog posts full of memories to share. Here are a couple of exciting fall link-ups that you should check out. 

Countdown to Halloween
I can hardly wait for the fun to start!

{THREE} Fall Shopping 

Let's pretend for a second that someone really generous just gave me a stack of cash and told me to go buy myself something nice. 

Here are a few things I might buy.

Some new brown boots

Fall may require a new scarf

Definitely a new sweater, or two

Ant this skirt could be pretty cute. 

But now back to reality, no shopping trips for me any time soon.

I'm a mom aka I never, rarely make it past the childrens' department. Typically if I do it is to buy some new spandex capri pants for running. Anyone else out there in the same boat?  

{FOUR} Apples

My parents are the proud owners of an apple tree. Wednesday night my mom dropped this off for me.

I spent every spare second on Thursday working on apple stuff.

One Pie, 6 quarts of apple pie filling and 14 pints of applesauce later

And the box is still half full. OI!

Next up is apple butter, then I think we will just start eating apples for every meal. I REALLY wish I had a juicer right about now. 

{FIVE} DIY Fall Decor

After complaining that I have little to no fall decorations a few weeks ago I have put together two projects complete with DIY tutorials over the past couple weekends.

First I did Pallet Pumpkins

Then I made a fall themed pallet sign

My fall decor selection has really stepped it up a few notches. I am not finished yet but I don't feel like as much of a slacker. I can't wait to do more tutorials over the next few months with more exciting projects to share.


Have an awesome weekend!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little Artist: Matisse

As part of our art curriculum for school this year we have decided to study one famous artist a week. This is part two in our "Little Artist Series" If you missed part one: Piet Mondrian, make sure you check it out.

Our artist for this week is Henri Matisse and our project was to explore painting with scissors.

Matisse was famous for his painting with scissors technique, it made for an excellent easy art project that is perfect for a kid just learning how to use scissors to an older child who obviously has their scissor skills down. 

Making art fun has some a great resources that offers kid friendly biographies on artists, check out this one on Matisse.

Supplies needed for this project:
White paper
Construction paper. 
(This was a great chance for me to use up some paper scraps)

If you have followed along with me for a while you know that I absolutely love kids crafts that are simple and don't require a lot of steps. It doesn't get much easier than this project guys. 

Simply cut the paper into any shape and glue them to the paper. 

I tried to persuade her to keep going but little Miss was pretty satisfied when she stopped here. 

Thank you Mr. Matisse for showing us that abstract art can be as simple as playing with paper and scissors. 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's The Little Things: Let's Go For a Walk

Monday morning rolled around and that meant back to the books.

Currently we do our school at the dining room table. I am not in love with using this space for school but it is the best place we have for now. Future plans are being made to transform the back play room into a school room but that probably won't be complete until next year.

Monday - Friday from 8-3 this is usually what my dining room looks like.

Books, pencils, crayons, usually paper scraps and almost always a glass of tea that I have yet to finish.

It was beautiful Monday. The windows were open the breeze was blowing and I just couldn't take it any more.

"Let's get out of here"

I only had to say it once, within minutes they had their shoes on and were ready to go. 

We headed down the street and around the corner. Right around the block from our house sits my favorite house in Joplin. I have been completely in love with this house since I was Marissa's age. Someday it will be for sale and I WILL go take a look. I didn't mind one bit that the girls paused to play a bit right in front of it.

We kept walking, laughing and talking, pausing to watch a squirrel playing in a tree.

 Then Marissa noticed why the squirrel was hanging around, so we collected a few that obviously ended up in my pocket. 

We watched the bulldozers.

Sat on a bench and snapped a picture.

And found a hedge apple tree, "WHAT are these?" followed by "Can we eat them?"

Then we Marissa ran a lap around the walking track while Emily and I lagged behind.

It was lovely. The perfect start to our week and such an awesome reminder of the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. 

So we want to go for a walk, Why not?!

With some fresh air in my lungs returning back to that table didn't seem so bad at all.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pallet Sign {DIY}

Another weekend, another project.

I have wanted to make a pallet sign for over a year now. In my head (and on Pinterest) I have countless sign ideas that I would love to make. The problem was, up until this weekend I have been to scared and intimidated to attempt trying to make one.

Finally I cast my fears aside and went for it.

The first and most difficult part of this process was disassembling the pallet. I pretty much beat and pried the tar out of it. During this process I was fortunate enough to only break one board which left plenty of boards for my sign.

Next I arranged the boards trying to make them nicely fit together. This took some playing around to figure out what pattern worked best. I cut a board in half, placed it across the back, drilled holes and screwed the boards together. I had a little help with the screws. I think he worries I may destroy the screwdriver bit, he is probably right in thinking that. 

I kind of wanted to leave the rough edges but they board was a bit larger than I wanted so we cut 4" from each side. 

With the board at the right size, I was ready to paint. I was going for an off white color but I didn't want it to look like wood that had been painted. I took some acrylic paint and mixed it with water probably at about a 10 to 1 ratio giving me some very watered down paint that was more like a wash. 

I ended up applying about 3 coats of the wash. A couple little girls offered to help with the process. They love to be a part of my projects. 

While the paint was drying I came inside to print out my lettering. I am sure there are SEVERAL different ways you could do this. I chose to go to Canva, type out my lettering, export it as a PDF file and then scale the image size up to what I desired before printing. I was actually surprised at how smoothly this process went. For the larger words I broke them up to about 4 letters for each page allowing me to scale them to the size I wanted.

Next up was the part I have always been nervous about. How in the world am I supposed to successfully paint this on my sign without it looking like a Kindergarten art project.

For years I have been afraid to try, if only I had learned the secret weapon sooner.

Carbon Paper

Simply line the paper up where you want it to go, put a sheet of carbon paper underneath and trace the letters. 

It only took me about 20 minutes to do this whole sign and this is what it looked like when I was done.

All I had to do now was stay inside the lines while painting. Easy enough, right?

Thankfully I had a tiny paint brush that made doing that very easy.

Painting the letters took about an hour. The girls were watching a movie so I stuck some earbuds in and got in "the zone". Not only was it easier than I ever imagined it could be, it was fun to. 

When I finished this was the result.

I decided to let it dry for a day then I lightly took some sandpaper to distress the lettering a bit.


Project cost
Paint $2.00
Carbon paper $1.93 with a 40% off coupon
Total $3.93

I wish I had tried to do this years ago. 

It is now displayed as a part of my gallery wall that is still a work in process.

Obviously it will need to be replaced in about 2 months with something more festive. So it looks like I will have plenty of opportunities to make several more signs over the next year.

Have you been crafty lately?

Are there any projects you want to try but have been afraid to attempt?


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