Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kids Classic 2015

About a month ago we attended the 30th Annual Kids Classic Fun Run. The Kids Classic is a free running event meant to encourage physical fitness and track interest in Pre K - 6th grade students.

I signed Marissa up to run in a  "competitive" race, one lap around the stadium. Emily was excited to run a race too (a not so competitive race across the football field where everyone gets a ribbon). 

I have to be honest. I was NERVOUS for Marissa. Part of it was wanting to see her succeed. As a homeschooler the kid doesn't have a lot of experience with competitive sports, let alone with a group of 20 some girls the same age as her. I was nervous she would be scared and I was nervous she would quit. I just wanted her to do her best, not give up and be proud of herself whatever the outcome.

I watched her line up with the group of girls and my stomach was flipping and flopping.
They took off and I had no idea what to expect.

Before I knew it she had pulled away from the pack and was running in 4th place.
I went from sitting, to standing, to standing at the front of the bleachers then jumping up and down yelling and cheering her on all in about 30 seconds. 

She ran and ran her little heart out and the little girl that I was so nervous for did something I never imagined her doing. She came in 4th place earning herself a spot in the top 6 and a medal.

Words can not express how proud I felt at that moment. Sure the medal was an awesome bonus but seeing her so persistent, focussed and just watching her run. It was awesome.

Still on an emotional high I had to scurry off to run with Emily. We joined the group and made our run down the football field.

It was a great day on the track with my girls.

I hope and pray for many more in the future. 

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth Of July 2015

We wanted to take a minute to wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

We are so thankful for the freedoms that today represents. 

God Bless America!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Highlights 7.3.15

Hello Friday!

The first day of a 3 day weekend and almost the Fourth of July, glory! 
This weekend has lots of family time, summer bucket list items and plenty of fun planned. 
So let's not waste any time and get our regular Friday routine started!

{ONE}  On The Blog This Week

This week the hubby was back for another round of "The Guy Behind the Blog".

I did a tutorial on how you can put together a quick, easy and inexpensive hoop canopy.

And I recapped my June goals and set some new ones for July.


{TWO} Favorite Kid Fireworks

With the 4th coming up tomorrow I thought I would take a moment to share a few of our favorite kid friendly fireworks.

 One of the first years we did fireworks this was the result.

Who would have ever thought that one tiny little frog could cause such a scare. Just because it looks like a kid firework doesn't mean it will sound like one. 

Evil little frog.

Now days we tend to stick to the quieter things. 
Sparklers, Snap n' pops, Smoke bombs, Roman Candles and Parachutes.
If you do decide to go with the little chickens, tanks or frogs, be warned!
But more importantly be safe!

{THREE} Insta-lately

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should) you may be noticing a lot of pool pictures lately. It seems we have taken up residence at the local public pool spending almost ever afternoon there. I would say that this is having a negative affect but since the house isn't too dirty since we aren't home much and we don't have school too do, why not?! Here are a few favorites from the past month.

{FOUR} This Is Living

Ever since VBS my girls have been completely obsessed with this song.

Last Friday while listening to it for the millionth this month something happened in my heart and I was suddenly aware of just how beautiful their worship is to Him. He never gets tired of hearing the same words of praise over and over again from His children.

My eyes teared up with joy at the worship erupting in our home.

{FIVE} Girl Mom

Katie from Cup of tea guest posted in my 'Girl Mom Series' this week.

I have had some pretty amazing posts over the past few months but I do believe this one just might be my new favorite. You'll smile, you'll cry. It is a MUST read for all.

If you're interested in sharing your story about being a girl mom fill out this survey and I will be in touch.

Friday Linkup Parties
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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Katie, Cup of Tea

Hi! I'm Katie and I blog over at Cup of Tea, a little hodgepodge of fashion, beauty, home, daily life, and being a mom. Basically, it's like you came over for a cup of tea, and we just get to sit and chit chat! I'm a mom to our sweet, precious toddler Elizabeth, who is just a delight!

I found myself all sniffly a few weeks ago. I'm not normally sniffly, and if you have ever read my blog, you know I'm rarely deep or serious. So this was kind of a big deal...

We were in the middle of snack time, and I had cued up a Veggie Tales for my 20 month old daughter, Elizabeth, to watch. (Who else loves Veggie Tales??)

We were watching a little tale about Snoodlerella, a fun, sweet, kind girl who feels awkward, dorky and not beautiful.

For those that haven't seen this delightful tale, here's the story: Snoodlerella isn't happy in her skin because people around her (evil stepmother types) tell her she's not pretty, awkward, dorky... Snoodlerella so wants to go to the ball, but thinks she won't fit in there. Along comes a fairy godmother to give her a make over just in time for the ball (sound familiar?) and off she goes! Only to discover that she now feels even MORE awkward in her new and improved self, and still feels down.

But then, enter The King.

He asks her for a dance, and this little Snoodlerella thinks it's a bad idea - she's a poor choice. But the King thinks differently:
"I think you’re beautiful,” the King said as he smiled. “I treasure you deeply. You’re lovely, my child. I think you’re beautiful - your hair and your braces, your glasses and clothes, your cumbersome graces.
And many more traits which I could speak of, there’s nothing about you I don’t truly love. You’re kind and you’re honest, funny and smart. You’re really quite charming you have a good heart.”
Little Snoodlerella doesn't believe Him. It can't be true...
“Of course it is true, every word that I say. Daughter I am the King. I made you that way. I delight in your beauty, you’re wonderfully made. I knew you before the foundation was laid. You’re precious to me, every hair on your head, daughter, hear and believe.”
Cue my tears. I was sobbing over in a corner while my daughter Elizabeth munched on her Goldfish crackers.

And here's why I was crying.

We women all have issues about ourselves with which we struggle. I can think back to that awkward stage in middle school where I felt like I didn't fit in. Or, more recently, that time last week when I was with friends and just felt fat and boring...

And my sweet, precious, hilarious, smart daughter will probably have those same moments at some point. She will have moments where she feels less than perfect, feels ugly, feels awkward and out of place.

My responsibility as her mommy is to prepare her to face those moments, and to teach her to hold her head up high and be proud of who she is, despite what the world (or her inner monologue) is telling her!

But HOW??? Oh my goodness, if I can't keep a negative inner monologue out of my own head, how can I teach her to?

Enter... The King.

You see, The King saw little Snoodlerella as a perfect child, because He created her to be just as she was. Even if the world (or that inner monologue) tells you differently, The King is just smiling at you, proud of who you are and who you have become.

As a Girl Mom, my job is to teach my daughter that when it feels like the world doesn't like you, know that God loves you just the way you are. And that's all you need to know!

And it's a good lesson for me as a mommy to learn too.

Thank you so much for sharing today Katie.

Is anyone else now crying or is it just me? 
That was such a simple and beautiful reminder of just what true, Christlike love looks like. A love I want my girls to know more than anything in the world.

If you're not already following Katie along be sure to stop by her blog and follow along or you can check her other social media pages:

Katie also co-hosts one of my favorite Friday link ups so be sure to check that out too!

If you're interested in sharing your story about being a girl mom fill out this survey and I will be in touch.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Goals {July 2015}

And just like that, the year is half way over. It is now officially July which means in just over 4 months I will be putting up 5 Christmas trees! I am perfectly aware just how crazy some of you may think I am for bringing that up. But I could care less. Falala la la I can't wait!

June was rainy, fun, busy and HOT! Let's see how we did on last months goals. 

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Try out a new link up or two.
*Write more posts on the weekends, when I can, freeing up my week days.

Done! I posted 6 days a week a few times. Linked up with Heavens To Betsy for her The Guy Behind The Blog and did a pretty good job working on posts ahead of time. 

*Create and share a Summer Bucket List.
*Go swimming.
*Family trip to the Frisco trails.
*Celebrate Marissa's 7th birthday.

The bucket list was made and shared. We went swimming 6 times in one week alone and Marissa's 7th birthday was celebrated on more than one occasion.

Family trip to the trails. It was either raining, or too hot. Maybe I should save this one for fall. 

*Exercise at least 5 days a week.
*Complete or almost complete stage one of the "New Rules" program.
*Keep my nutrition plan on track.
*Run a 5K with Russ.... again.

BAM! Exercise has been great. I did get a bit off during vacation and my nutrition wasn't so great while we were gone either but I am so happy with the progress I am seeing. I am set to finish Stage one by early July and should be almost done with stage 2 by the end of the month. 

Our 5K on the trail was HOT but a blast. It was no PR but in that heat I can't complain. Plus the chance to run with (and beat) this guy. I will never pass that up. 

*Help at VBS while the girls attend.
*Read more this month than I did last month.
*Plug in more to the church we have been attending.

VBS was AWESOME. The girls and I had an amazing time and are already excited for next year. 

The other two, meh. I would love some prayers especially for the last one. For those of you who don't know our church closed back in March and we have been struggling with that for months now. We still haven't committed to a new church and are feeling pretty confused on that topic in general. We know God is good and has a good plan for us. We are trying to be patient and wait for his guidance on where He wants us.

Home School-
*Work on math facts with Marissa.
*Finish lesson planning for the 2015/2016 school year.

The past couple of weeks we began working on math problems and an English book. Our lesson plans for next year aren't completely finished but they are so close. I worked SO hard on them during June. Currently all I have left is too look for supplemental resources for our Science and History lessons then I am all ready for August 10th. 

*Make Finish a new pallet sign.
*Have a yard sale with my mom.
*FINALLY go to Silver Dollar City.
*Start on playroom to schoolroom remodel.

Pallet sign, still blank. Silver Dollar Trip was rained out again.

But I did have a yard sale with my mom which cleared out the future home school room and gave me some money to get started on the remodel. Step one, repaint!

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Grow Instagram to 700. I seem to be stuck.
*Rework a few old posts with better pinnable images. 

*Work on crossing things off our bucket list.
*Lots of pool time (best goal ever).
*Fun run with the girls.
*Family donut or ice cream date, maybe both :).

*Exercise at least 5 days a week.
*Finish stage one & most of stage 2 in "The New Rules" program.
*Keep my nutrition plan on track.
*Run a solo race.

*Read Gods word.
*Pray that God would guide our family. 
*Worship more with our children. They love to dance and sing it is always so good for my heart when I join in.

Home School-
*Work on math and English with Marissa.
*Complete 2015/2015 school year lesson plans.
*Complete or almost complete home school room.

*Make Finish a new pallet sign.
*Date night with Russ.
*Try a new recipe or two.
*Have a girls night with a friend. (Any takers out there?)

July *sigh* I have such mixed feeling about July. On one hand it is the peak of summer and I love summer fun. On the other with the end of July comes August. Early August means back to school for us. How is that even possible? I guess for now we are going to just plan on packing as much summer fun into July as we possibly can, stay on track with our goals and we'll deal with August when it gets here. 

Do you have any goals/plans for July or summer?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY Hoop Canopy {Tutorial}

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Talk!
Meet your hosts!
Becky from BYBMG, Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place, Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things, Tara from Mrs.Coach Sims, Keri from Living In This Season, Sarah from Abiding In Grace, Lauren from Simply Free , Emily from Morning Motivated Mom, and Jessica & Katie from Sweet Little OnesChristina from Waltzing In Beauty, Amy from Go Forth and Mother & Michelle from Grammie Time

We would love to have you join the fun and link up with us this week!

Today I want to share a simple, easy, DIY project that is fit for a princess and the perfect addition to any little girls bedroom or play space.

This project started with me browsing on Pinterest WAY to much before taking my first trip to IKEA.
The good news is it's quick, easy and pretty inexpensive. A win in my book!

Supplies needed are and embroidery hoop. Any size will do but I of course went with the largest I could find 23" (If you buy from Hobby Lobby don't forget to use a 40% off coupon). 3-4 panels of Sheer curtains, I used Lill curtains from Ikea. If you want an open feel in the front you can add a valance instead of the 4th panel. White spray paint, and some way of hanging your hoop. I am a HUGE fan of command hooks but you may need to use screw in hooks for a better hold against little hands. 

The first step is to spray paint your hoop white. If you chose to use colored sheers I would spray paint it a complimentary color to whatever you chose.

Next you add your curtains. 
*Helpful tip: I found the edge of the hoop to be a bit rough making it hard to slide them on so I covered the end with some foil and they slipped on much easier.

I used 3 panels. I planned on putting it over a bed and wanted the front more open. If you were using it for a reading nook or wanted a more closed appearance you could use all 4 panels and not add a valance.

Next I added the valance. The connector for the hoop made it a bit odd so I simply folded the edge between the two rings before tightening. 

There are SO many possibilities with this project. Valances, fabric, tulle you could do all kinds of things.

Then I tied four loops of string around the inside ring for easy hanging. I didn't snap a photo of this step but you will see what I did in the next picture.

With everything in place tighten the nut on your hoop so the fabric is secured between the rings. 

Now it is time to hang. I used 4 Command hooks. I realize this approach may not work well for everyone but so far so good in our home. If command hooks won't work you can go with screw hooks instead. 

And just like that, your done. 


The perfect additions for any little princess' room. 

Are you working on any DIY projects?

Now it's your turn.
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